Friday, February 19, 2016

Seven by Fourteen

A tasty little morsel of thought upon which you can chew while you are enjoying the penultimate weekend of February, which in the State of Concrete Gardens shall be marked by some "Hey Kids, Spring is right around the corner!" weather.  

Today is Friday, February 19, 2016.  May 27, 2016, which is also a Friday, is ninety-eight days away. 

Before you ask, May 27th is an important date on the 2016 calendar because it is the Friday that commences Memorial Day weekend.  Fourteen short weeks from today, the Summer of 2016 shall unofficially arrive.  Sure, it will be no doubt be accompanied by a dumb-ass superhero movie or two - as summer usually is - but unless Santa brought you a team of wild horses this past Christmas (and if he did, boy is my brother Bill going to be pissed off - poor guy cannot even get one damn pony ride), you should be able to avoid being forced into your neighborhood cinema.  If others choose to do so, then let them.  Their enjoyment, whether you understand it or not, comes at no cost to you.  

Ninety-eight is an important number.  Well, at least from my admittedly selfish perspective.  To borrow a phrase from the Poet Laureate of Freehold, once Memorial Day weekend rolls around, should you be looking for me, I shall be easily found...

...just follow the smell of the ocean breeze east on Route 138 to Lake Como.  

If you tell me you are coming, I might even save you a Beach Haus or two.  You might want to stop by the brewery yourself, just to be safe.  Tell Matt I sent you.  He will take extraordinarily good care of you.   



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