Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sand in My Shoes & I Feel Fine

In the interest of full disclosure, it bears pointing out that Saturday, February 20 is not in fact the mid-point of Winter, a fact for which you may feel free to give thanks to whomever or whatever it is you express thanks.  Me, I alternate between Bugs Bunny and Bill Murray but whatever works for you is fine by me.  

But I digress.

The calendar confirms that we have in fact reached the two-third point of the Winter of 2015/2016, in spite of the fact that some asshole has tacked an additional day onto February this year.  F*ck Sadie Hawkins and the horse upon which she made her entrance!  Requests for more cowbell are obsequious.  No one has ever voiced a request for more February.  No one.  

Again, I digress.

Irrespective of the fact that today we find ourselves (mercifully) beyond the mid-point of Winter, it is the day on which one of my favorite annual events is taking place in Manasquan:   The Mid-Winter Beach Run.  

The Beach Run is a lively little two-mile jaunt, a quarter-mile of which is run on the beach itself.  It is an event with a laudable purpose, which is to raise funds for the men and women who volunteer their time and their talents as members of the Manasquan First Aid Squad.  It is also an event that provides a wonderful excuse for good friends who have been hibernating throughout the dregs of Winter to emerge from our respective caves, give ourselves a good stretch, and enjoy the pleasure of one another's company while all the while reminding ourselves that Spring shall soon be here...

...and that Spring shall carry with it the promise of Summer.  

A hell of a nice thing about which to think on any day, especially a Saturday in February.


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