Sunday, February 21, 2016

Have Gavel & Am Willing to Travel

I am as I am; 
Whether hideous or handsome,
depends upon who is made judge.
- Herman Melville

I am terribly excited that on Thursday evening I am being afforded a tremendous opportunity to let my geek flag fly.  It is my great honor and privilege to be one of the professional legal types who shall serve as a judge at Seton Hall University School of Law for the Second Round of the 2016 Eugene Gressman Moot Court Competition.  I have a fond memory of time spent competing in Moot Court when I was in law school, way back when before my whiskers went gray, and I am very much looking forward to hearing the arguments that the students shall offer.

My goal for Thursday night, in addition to arriving on time, is to not do anything that lessens or dampens the experience for the future lawyers who are competing in this year's Competition.  To that end, I have already gone to lengths to acquaint myself with the "cheat sheet" that the Competition's Student Director, Angela Raleigh (Class of '16), has prepared for the judges.  If the arguments that the competitors advance are half as impressive as Ms. Raleigh's work-product, then I am in for one hell of an interesting and educational Thursday night.  Given that Ms. Raleigh is one of the Comments Editors of the Seton Hall Law Review, the high quality of her work was readily predictable. 

My gavel, my bag of walnuts, and I shall be ready.  Now, if everybody would please rise...


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