Friday, February 12, 2016

Brothers From Other Mothers

Friday was a damn fine day.  Margaret and I are going to Colorado at the end of March to visit Rob and Jess, which trip coincides with his 30th birthday.  Mr. Springsteen and his brothers in arms from E Street recently added a March 31st stop in Denver.  It was our hope to be able to purchase tickets for the show.  Our faith was rewarded.  Rob made it through the on-line labyrinth and scored four excellent seats.  Thus, our trip to Colorado will include a few hours of "Boss Time". 

On Friday night, Margaret and I were down at our little Paradise by the Sea.  We spent a few hours over at Bar A taking in a performance by the E Street Shuffle, which is celebrating its tenth year together.  We were joined at Bar A by two of my high school classmates, Steve and George, and two friends of theirs, Kevin and Paul.  These four gentlemen - all of whom are roughly my age - have been close friends since they were pre-school-age children.  A lifetime ago, when Steve, George, and I went to W-H together, I had the pleasure of first making the acquaintance of Kevin and of Paul.  I had not seen either of the two of them in more than a quarter-century.  It was as if twenty-five minutes or so had passed and not a moment more. 

By mutual choice, mine and the world's, I am not a person who belongs to groups.  Most of my favorite things to do are solitary things - reading, running, and writing.  If I was an award, I would be the Heisman Trophy - not because of my wild football skills but because of its pose.  It is an award that keeps the world at arm's length.  That is my kind of trophy. 

Although I have never been a man who has been part of a close group of male friends, I admire those who are.  Steve, George, Kevin, and Paul are their own band of brothers.  As they all glimpse "50" growing ever closer on the horizon line, they are - as they have always been - thick as thieves.  I marvel at the depth and the breadth of their bond.  I applaud them for it.

From a distance...

...of course.  


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