Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Human Condition

Running is as much a human condition as heartbreak is.

This year in the New Jersey Marathon, Gidg and I are going to be joined in our pursuit of insanity by Brooke, who is a fairly recent in-patient admission to the running asylum.  I have little doubt that Brooke - who has thus far handled every distance up through a half-marathon with style and aplomb shall fare well in her maiden voyage.  She is, by all accounts, preparing well and she has an enthusiasm that is not merely palpable but contagious. 

In my role as her Mr. Miogi, when I come across an article that contains information relative to running or marathon preparation I forward it to her to peruse at her convenience.  Yesterday, I came across such a piece, which I shared with her.  The quote at the top of this page comes from that piece and it is a quote that she found while reading through it.  

If you do not run, then perhaps neither the logic nor the sentiment behind those words speaks to you. Perhaps both would if you substituted "running" for an activity in which you engage.  As someone who runs, albeit not very fast and not very well, those ten words ring true to me.  

This weekend for those of us subscribing to a sixteen-week-training plan for the New Jersey Marathon shall include a long run of fourteen miles.  It is from this point forward for the next several weeks that the "long run" is, in fact, a long run.  I look forward to hearing from my second running companera next week about how she made out taking on this distance for the first time.  I have every confidence that she shall come through it just fine.  

She is a Jersey kid after all and Jersey kids are pretty damn tough.  

Just ask the boys from Cobra Kai...


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