Friday, January 1, 2016

Where Pleasures Are Chased & Treasures Are Dug...

If your eyes have opened and your brain is functioning at a level sufficient to enable you to read and to comprehend the words that are written here, then congratulations.  No, you are not being congratulated for being able to comprehend blather authored by an idiot - although perhaps you should.  You are being congratulated for having gotten out of 2015 alive.  

Welcome to the Other Side.

If you are disappointed at what you have seen and what you have experienced thus far in 2016, then feel free to complain to anyone upon whom you can impose the obligation of listening to you.  In case at some point last evening - while transitioning from '15 to '16 - you knocked your noggin and are unclear exactly who it is that you might impose upon to listen to you as you express your disappointment, then allow me to help you out by narrowing down the list of possibilities.

It is not me.

Happy 2016. 


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