Monday, January 4, 2016

The Snows of January

Welcome to Winter.  The past couple of weeks, with their combination of good feelings and warmer-than-normal temperatures, bore no resemblance whatsoever to winter.  Here in the State of Concrete Gardens, winter begins today.  

Curbs all over the state are littered with discarded Christmas trees, lawns recently festooned with inflatables, lights, and ornamental figures are now bare.  This week, Monday really means Monday - the tip of the spear for a five-day work week, which for many people (including my secretary) represents a step up from the just-completed back-to-back three-day work weeks.  

In January, the Mercury readings no longer feel like Christmas.  Now, cold simply is cold.  And it shall get plenty cold this month and next.  That much is certain.  

What is not certain is whether the "Christmas spirit" of which there was a surplus just days ago shall have any legs and presuming it does whether those legs shall carry it and us into and through the cold, dark days of January and February.  Giving a rat's ass about one's fellow man between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Day is a good thing.  But if it is simply seasonal - like a Snickerdoodle Macchiato - than it is no less of a contrivance than a Rankin-Bass special.  

How our year unfolds is a choice that belongs to us.  The decision is ours to make.  

Same as it ever was...


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