Saturday, January 9, 2016

Quarter Pounder

I really do try to avoid writing about politics.  I am not always successful. Today, I have failed. 

Full disclosure demands that I acknowledge that I happily voted for Chris Christie when he ran, first for election to the office of Governor of New Jersey, and, thereafter, when he ran for re-election.  On both occasions I was satisfied that he was a better alternative than his opponent.  Perfect?  Nope.  But then again, neither am I nor anyone I know. 

Our Governor has spent the past year seeking the nomination of the Republican Party for the Presidency of the United States.  If he is successful in his pursuit, then I shall likely be the most surprised person within this nation's geographical boundaries.  If I am not, then I shall most certainly be on the medal stand.  

In 2015, according to the Wall Street Journal, our Governor spent 72% of his days in a state other than the state whose residents pay his salary.   How does one govern effectively while spending 261 days in a calendar year focused apparently solely on one's pursuit of a new job?  

Not well.  Not well at all.  The good news for those of us who live in the State of Concrete Gardens is that we only have had to pay him for the days he has worked, which means last year he accepted only 28% of his salary.  

Oh wait, I totally made that up.  He has collected full-time pay for a quarter-time job.  

And do not bother asking him to give it back.  Is not going to happen. 


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