Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One Bad Mutha Rucker

Without heroes we are all plain people
And don't know how far we can go.
-Bernard Malamud

Congratulations to Vic Wise and his wing men.  This past weekend, the team completed the 2016 Freedom Ruck - a 100-mile walk completed while each carried a fifty-pound ruck on his back - in just over forty-four hours, which was approximately four hours less than their goal time of forty-eight hours.  In the process, Freedom Ruck raised approximately $10,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation, which is the purpose of the exercise.  

A good man doing one hell of a thing.  Kudos to him, to those who undertook this edition of this ruck with him, and to those who functioned as their support crew on the 100-mile trek north through Virginia.  

Thank you, Vic, for reminding me - and undoubtedly others as well - of the import of Malamud's words.  And of the importance of action.  

Rest up, young man.  January, 2017 will be here before you know it. 


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