Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here It Comes The Hardest Part...

Now, it's finally time to leave
Yes, it's finally time to leave
Take it calmly and serene
It's the famous final scene.
- Bob Seger

It appears as if today's game at Met Life Stadium will be the final one for Tom Coughlin as Head Coach of the New York Giants.  In his dozen years as their coach, the Giants have won thirteen more games than they have lost, made the playoffs five times, won the NFC East three times, and done not once - but twice - something that no other team has yet figured out how to do:  Defeat Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

But the past few seasons have not been good for Coach Coughlin and the men of Mara Tech.  Since their most recent Super Bowl triumph over the Patriots in February, 2012, Coughlin's Giants have only had one winning season and they have not made the playoffs a single time.  If they win their final game of the season this afternoon against the Eagles (a team playing out the equally poor string of an equally lost season), then they will finish 2016 with seven wins.  If they lose this afternoon, then this shall be their second consecutive ten-loss season.

Life - irrespective of one's profession - is very much a "What have you done for me lately?" exercise. That said, fixation on one's recent failures does not - and should not - diminish the significance of his accomplishments.  Tom Coughlin is sixty-nine years old.  If today is the final time that he shall coach a game for the Giants, then here is to hoping that he exits the field today with his head held high - regardless of the game's final score.


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