Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Maintenance Check

If we do not maintain Justice,
Justice will not maintain us.
- Francis Bacon

I can feel - from miles away - the scowls forming on the faces of my siblings and my wife each and every time I mention just how little pleasure I deprive out of the practice of law.  If it were not true - and I was not such an unrepentant asshole - then I would feel badly about anyone feeling badly about my rather caustic self-assessment.  It is.  I am.  I do not.  

To be clear, among the people for whom I do not feel sorry is me.  To steal a phrase from the Poet Laureate of Freehold, I chose the chance I took.  I did so with eyes wide open and big boy pants pulled up and belted.  I do not lament it.  It has made possible things that I otherwise lack the ability to have made so, such as getting our two children educated, Suzanne's wedding, and most recently our purchase of our little Paradise by the Sea.  I simply acknowledge it for what it is and myself for what I am.  

My decision to opt for a path of least resistance in the law has tempered my enthusiasm for what it is I do.  It has not however dulled one bit my appreciation for those who have taken a different path.  In today's New York Times Magazine, there is a piece on an attorney named Rob Bilott.  It is an extraordinary story.  And it is well-told.  It is not an especially quick read (when I read it for the first time via the iPhone app earlier in the week, the app advised me that it was take approximately thirty-two minutes to complete.  It is, however, an extremely worthwhile read.   

Time well spent.  


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