Monday, December 28, 2015

You Say You Want A Resolution

With Christmas 2015 in the rear-view mirror, we are just about as far away from Christmas 2016 as we can be.  

Chronologically at least.  

There are of course certain staples of the Christmas season that I never miss at the season's conclusion (and I presume I am not alone), such as around-the-clock Christmas music on certain radio stations, and those incredibly pretentious Lexus commercials.  Then again, neither of them really has a thing to do with Christmas.  Neither ever has. 

But what about those things, such as goodwill towards our fellow man, which things actually  embody the meaning of Christmas.  How deep into the cold of January shall those notions endure?  If at all.  

Tis the season for making resolutions is it not?  What a hoot it would be if we all made the same one - not kicking our fellow man in the balls just for sport - and monitored how well - or poorly - each of us did keeping that resolution.  I suspect that our results, much like the mileage of a Christmas bow-festooned Lexus, shall vary widely.  

Just a little food for thought.  

Appetite for consumption may vary.  


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