Monday, December 7, 2015

The Opening of Eyes

With its beauty and its cruelty
With its heartbreak and its joy
With its constantly giving birth to life
And to forces that destroy
And the infinite power of change
Alive in the world...
- Jackson Browne

By the end of the day on Friday, I found myself in the need of a little Christmas.  So did the Missus. Fortunately, we were the recipients of a wonderful dose of it.  

I spent a little bit of time on Saturday morning at the 2015 edition of the Big Chill 5K at Rutgers University.  I have lost track of how many times I have participated in it since the first time I ran in it - with Jill - in 2008.  It was, in fact, the first 5K in which I ever participated.  I smile at the memory.  That morning seven Decembers ago I did not do too much smiling.  I was too busy wondering how long exactly 3.1 miles was.  It certainly felt as if it was an eternity. 

The Missus and I headed south to Lake Como on Saturday afternoon.  We were there in time to take part in the lighting of the Christmas tree at Town Hall.  Prior to the lighting, our Mayor, Brian Wilton, read aloud the story of Santa Claus at the Jersey Shore to the little children assembled on the floor around him.  Once he finished telling this unique story of Christmas, adults and children alike went outside, where the Christmas tree was lighted, which was accomplished just in time for Santa Claus's arrival.  

Margaret and I went back inside Town Hall with the rest of the adults and watched Santa do his thing.  The assembled crowd was not large and there were probably not more than one dozen children among our number.  Each of them - starting with the youngest first - took a turn on Santa's lap telling him what is was he or she wants for Christmas.  

Whether was was asked for on Saturday, December 5, ends up under each child's Christmas tree on Friday, December 25 I do not know.  Nor shall I ever know.  But for just a little while on Saturday night, each of them believed in the magic of Christmas.  

Me too.  


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