Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Calculated Cowardice of Mitch McConnell

Writing a check separates a commitment from a conversation.
- Warren Buffett

Indeed it does.  

It also serves to remind one and all of the difference between a man with skin in the game

One of the two is a man who stands up for those who have stood up for all of us.  A man who embodies the spirit of Samuel Johnson's observation that, "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who does him absolutely no good" although I am quite confident that he knows, as I know and I presume you know as well, just how much good our September 11 First Responders did for all of us.  

The other is a coward whose latest claim to infamy is reminding our September 11 First Responders that you cannot spell "FUCK YOU" without a "K", a "C", and a "U".  You cannot spell Kentucky without those three letters either.    

Coincidence or Cowardice?  

No need to contemplate an answer.  

The question is rhetorical when the senior Senator from Kentucky's position is one that is even contrary to that now held by Congressman Robert Goodlatte from Virginia, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (who was deservedly called "an asshole" by John Feal at a November 2 news conference at Ground Zero).  

Was Congressman Goodlatte shamed into his present position, which is apparently significantly less obstructionist than the one that prompted Mr. Feal's comment last month?  Perhaps, but who cares? As long as he maintains it, his motivation for assuming it is of little moment to those in dire need of the care that the Zadroga Act shall provide.  

Otherwise, there will not be a goddamned person around to invite to join Kenny Specht at the next September 11 First Responder Survivors' Party...


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