Sunday, December 27, 2015

Road Rules

So how was your Memorial Day?  Pardon my error.  It is a most unusual Christmas Day when I am able to go for a run 'NTSG wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of shorts.  In fact, I cannot recall another Christmas Day on which I have been able to do so.  Quite an interesting experience. 

Christmas is now in the rear-view mirror.  Attention, selfishly, now turns to the task of marathon preparation.  Two of them are on the schedule for 2016:  New Jersey in May and NYC in November. The goal for 2016:  Proper preparation for NYC in November.  Part of that preparation involves running in the Fred Lebow Half Marathon in Central Park on January 24, 2016.  Two-plus loops of Central Park.  There is no gold in "them thar hills" but there are hills.  Proper preparation prevents poor performance.   There is but one way to prepare for the hills of the New York City Marathon.  

The preparation cannot begin one day too soon.  And it certainly cannot begin on Marathon Sunday.


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