Saturday, December 26, 2015

Moments to Memories

I hope that Christmas was indeed merry for one and all.  That is the quintessential false hope, I reckon, for I knew prior to writing those words that it was not.  Earlier this week my great friend Gracie shared with me the terribly sad news visited upon one of the world's truly great souls, Eva Pelland, who worked at the Firm while Gracie did back in the day.  Eva's husband, Pete, died unexpectedly on Tuesday.  He was just fifty-five years old.     

There is no good time to endure the death of one's spouse.  The pain associated with that loss however may well be prone to intensify when the death occurs on or around a holiday, in no small part because the two become inextricably linked in the heart and in the mind of those affected by the loss.  

In case you suspected - even for a moment - that Life was not an inherently unfair and often cruel piece of business, there goes your proof.   Don Henley was right.  When you find somebody to love in this world, you do have to hang on tooth and nail for the wolf is, indeed, always at your door.  

A day shall come for all of us when the wolf not only appears at our door, but forces his way inside. It is inevitable.  But it does not mean that right up until that point in time we should not live the hell out of life.  Just the opposite in fact is true.  

Get busy living.  Fuck the wolf.  

And today, keep a good thought for those upon whom he has already paid a visit.  


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