Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Millennials and Falconry

To borrow a phrase from Dave Grohl, "I've got another confession to make"...

I have zero interest in the new Star Wars movie that is being released this week, its ubiquity notwithstanding.  If you are eagerly awaiting its release, then I hope it lives up to your expectations and it is most assuredly not my intention to rain on your celluloid parade.  If you want to be excited about it, then be excited.  I am not.  Using nothing other than the number of times its official trailer has been viewed on YouTube since its release less than two months ago, I readily acknowledge my minority position on this issue. 

I was, I think, ten years old (or thereabouts) when the original Star Wars movie was released.  I saw it in the theater.  I also saw the two that followed after it in the series, all of which starred Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and the voice of James Earl Jones.  At some point thereafter, there were several additional Star Wars movies made, all of which (I think) starred Natalie Portman and none of which, it seems to me, were particularly well-received by critics or audiences - although full disclosure demands that I acknowledge not having any memory of having seen any of the Portman trilogy, except perhaps in bits and pieces on HBO.

One cannot shake a stick, dry your hands, make toast or wipe your ass without encountering a Star Wars-licensed product.  A few weeks ago, I was with Margaret in Bed, Bath & Beyond and I did not see a department in the store in which there were not at least several movie-related items, covering the full spectrum from the ridiculous to the sublime.  Presumably someone - or perhaps more than one someone - is going to make a whole shitload of money off of this movie.  That appears to be the plan anyway.  

It is beyond my ability to process why men and women my age appear to be as intoxicated about this movie as are the four guys of The Big Bang Theory.  I am a Harrison Ford fan so it will be a nice change of pace for him to be in a film that is not in the Cineplex this Friday and available on Netflix next Friday, which has not happened for him  (Hollywood Homicide,  Cowboys and Aliens, Firewall, The Expendables 3(!)) in some time.  If it takes him playing an AARP-card-carrying Han Solo to get his movie mojo back, then may the box office force be with him.  I shall not apologize to him - or to George Lucas - for not doing my part in putting a little jingle under the tree for them this Christmas. 

If this weekend marks the date on which you shall re-enlist in the Rebel Alliance, then I hope your reunion with some old friends is an enjoyable one.  I am constrained to ask you to do me a favor if you would not mind...

...say "Hello" to Nick Ocean for me.



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