Thursday, December 3, 2015

Keys and Atolls

December 4, 2011 was a Sunday.  It was a somewhat extraordinary day in my mostly ordinary life.  I was seated at a table in a food court in Newark Airport - sitting with Joe and the Missus - and waiting for the flight that would take us to Florida.  We were going on vacation, which is something that I rarely do.  Hence, my reference to that day as being a "somewhat extraordinary" day for me. 

Boy, was I about to get a lesson in what constitutes an "extraordinary" day.  And it was delivered to me courtesy of my old friend, Dave Lackland.  

As I sat listening (kind of, sort of) to Joe talk about whatever the hell it was Joe was talking about, my cell phone made the noise it made to alert me to the arrival of a text message.  At this point, we are talking about the phone I had two phones ago so my recollection is a bit fuzzy but, I am reasonably confident that the noise in question was that of a bottle opener in action.  Right now, you are thinking "What are the odds of that?"

But I digress.

The message I received from Dave was the announcement of the arrival of his first-born child, his son, the gloriously-named Indy Atoll Lackland.  I know that often times a text message can fail to convey the tone or the tenor of the sender's message.  On that morning, reading Dave's message to me - sharing the news of Indy's arrival at shortly after 10:00 PM the night before (December 3, 2011) and the equally-excellent news that both the newest member of the Lackland family and his mommy were doing well -  the tone and the tenor were readily decipherable.  

Four years ago.  Four years already.  I have little doubt that during these first four years of his life, young Indy has learned a great deal from his father.  I have almost a half-century on Indy and every time I turn around, his old man is teaching me something.  I am not sure how one celebrates a son's fourth birthday in their little corner of the world but I have every confidence that it shall be one hell of good time.

They deserve nothing less. 


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