Saturday, December 5, 2015

Chilly Today, Hot Tamale

As human beings go, I am decidedly mediocre.  Thus, whenever the opportunity presents itself for me to "glom" on to the good karma that a dedicated, hard-working group of folks is able to produce, I grab hold of that opportunity with both hands. 

Thus, on this first Saturday of December, before the Missus and I drive south to spend some time at our little Paradise by the Sea, I shall spend a bit of time on the grounds of my oldest brother Bill's Alma mater, taking part in the annual Big Chill 5K, which is a labor of love of RU's Recreation Department.  Its purpose?  To bring a little bit of Christmas to children in the New Brunswick area who otherwise would not have any Christmas at all.    

And along the way, to allow a bit of that good feeling to rub off onto - and to be shared by - at least one cantankerous old son of a bitch.  

Time well spent, indeed. 


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