Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Blue Bloods

And as I hung up the phone 
It occurred to me
He'd grown up just like me.
 - Harry Chapin

Deputy Inspector Anthony Favale is a thirty-year veteran of the NYPD.  He has had, to date, a quite distinguished career.   Nothing he has yet accomplished on the job, however, can hold a candle to what he - and his wife Stephanie - shall experience this morning.  

Anthony and Stephanie Favale have three sons.  This morning, all three of the Favale boys, twenty-four-year-old Stephen and twenty-two-year-old twins, John and Alec, shall be sworn in as members of the NYPD.  To the best of the NYPD's record-keeping, it is the first time in the Department's history that three siblings have graduated from the Academy as members of the same graduating class.

If having one son or daughter who earns a living heading straight into danger while those in the general vicinity head in exactly the opposite direction with all due haste is a source of angst and anxiety (and it is, I assure you) then I cannot even fathom the impact of the multiplier effect when a parent has three times as many children about whom to worry.  

Stephen's NYPD career shall begin on Staten Island.  Alec is assigned to a precinct in the West Village in Manhattan.  John, Alec's twin, shall carry his father's patrolman's badge to his first posting - in Coney Island, Brooklyn.  Stephen and John are each assigned to a precinct that Dad has called home during his three-decade-long NYPD career.  

May this generation of the Favale family (the boys also have a cousin who is a rookie cop in Brooklyn) fare as well as its predecessor (in addition to Deputy Inspector Favale, the boys have an aunt who has been a Transit Cop for twenty-eight years).  May both generations of the Favale family always honor and observe Jimmy Malone's First Rule of Law Enforcement. 

Today and every day thereafter...


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