Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Happy Place

As much as I enjoyed our first summer at the Shore, it is the off-season in Lake Como that has reinforced in my mind's eye that the decision to buy our little piece of Paradise by the Sea represents the smartest money I have ever spent. 

Sunday morning I did what I do every morning we are at the Shore - I went for a run.  It was a less-than-balmy thirty degrees when I headed out the door at or about 7:30.  It was a morning as beautiful as it was cold.  I ran up 17th Avenue to Ocean Avenue and - before heading north towards Bradley Beach - paused to take a photo of the sun coming up over our beach.  There are a lot more people on it in July than are on it in December but it looks no less beautiful now than it does then.

Sunrise over 17th Avenue Beach
Belmar - 12/20/15

I had the bad luck to reach the drawbridge at the Shark River Inlet just as the bridge tender closed down access to the bridge so that he could open it.  I ended up waiting almost ten minutes before I could cross.  A lot of charter boats apparently head out for the day very early in the morning.  While I was not happy about not being able to run for close to ten minutes as one boat after another passed under the open bridge, I made productive use of my time.

Charter boat heading out to sea
Shark River Inlet - 12/20/15

Our happy place.  Margaret and I have found it.    


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