Monday, November 30, 2015

The Inevitable Downward Trajectory of the Other Shoe

Yesterday, Rutgers University fired its Athletic Director, Julie Hermann, and its Head Football Coach, Kyle Flood.  One hell of a bloody Sunday on the banks of the old Raritan.  RU capped off  its busy day of personnel moves in its Athletic Department by hiring a new Athletic Director.  Funny, when Patrick Hobbs taught my Tax Law class during my second year at Seton Hall Law School twenty years ago, I never envisioned him as the man in charge of an Athletic Department at a major, Division I university.

I am not a young man.  I take no comfort in seeing anyone lose his or her job.  I am also a realist. Irrespective of whatever it is that someone does to earn a living, the bottom line is, well, is the bottom line.  And when your job is measured in terms of wins and losses, losing twice as many games as you win in a particular year is not a good thing.  And when it coincides with a year in which six of your players are, first, arrested, and, thereafter, thrown off of the team and, furthermore, you are suspended for three games (and fined $50,000) for violating your employer's rules and regulations, it becomes impossible to survive it. 

A lesson was imparted Sunday in Piscataway.  Irrespective of the strength of your arm and the heights to which you hurl it, the other shoe eventually succumbs to the force of gravity.  Having gone up, it most assuredly shall come down.  And when it does, it leaves one hell of a mark. 


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