Thursday, November 19, 2015

Love Can Break Your Heart

A lifetime of Novembers ago, Doug Flutie burst onto the national scene.  In 1984, his senior season at Boston College, the diminutive quarterback won college football's highest individual award:  The Heisman Trophy.  As if there was any doubt that he would win the award, in BC's final regular season game against the Miami Hurricanes in Miami, on the Friday of the long Thanksgiving weekend, as time expired he launched a Hail Mary pass for the ages into the gloaming and, thereafter, the waiting arms of Gerard Phelan for the game-winning touchdown.  

Throughout his college career and the decade plus professional career that followed, Doug Flutie repeatedly expressed his appreciation to his parents and all they did for him.  Yesterday, he used his Facebook page to announce some exquisitely sad news about his Mom and Dad.  

Apparently Mr. Flutie, Dick, had been ill for some time for which he had been hospitalized.  Early yesterday morning, he suffered a heart attack.  He died.  Mrs.  Flutie, Joan, was by her husband's side when he died.  Approximately one hour later, she suffered a fatal heart attack.  

Married for fifty-six years.  Dead within one hour of one another.  Proof perhaps that the heart does indeed want what it wants and that in this instance what it wanted was to not face even one more sunset without its soulmate.   I cannot imagine attempting to process the incalculable loss of both of one's parents on the same day.  I cannot imagine, therefore, the level of pain that the Fluitie family is experiencing today. 

Is there comfort to be taken from the fact that their parents left this life as they had lived it, together? I have no idea.

I hope so.  


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