Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Piece of the Rock

If you were to argue for this nation treating every day as if it was Veterans Day, no argument would be heard from Yours truly.  In America, twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day.  Twenty-two.  Every day.  Whatever it is we are doing - or not doing - to assist those who put themselves in harm's way for the rest of us, it simply is not working.  Irrespective of your political affiliation, it would seem to me that you cannot argue that the present mechanism that is in place for our veterans is the best that we can do.  I hope like hell that it is not. 

I smiled when I read Mark Di Ionno's column in Sunday's Star-Ledger regarding the good works of one of my old law school classmates, Thomas "Tommy Rock" Roughneen.  Tom is, himself, a veteran and now is a Lt. Colonel in the Army Reserve.  He has two younger brothers (twins if I remember correctly) who are also veterans.   The Brothers Roughneen have - as us civilians like to say oh so cavalierly - put their boots on the ground in Iraq and in Afghanistan.  While I have only met Tom's brothers on one or two occasions, presuming that they share what I perceive to be a genetic trait common to the Roughneen family with their older brother, the next backwards step either of them takes shall be his first one.

Veterans are far better served by the invaluable, selfless works of Tom Roughneen than they shall ever be by the selfish, embarrassing antics of the Department of Defense and this nation's professional sports leagues.  Paid patriotism - to the tune of $6.8 Million - since fiscal year 2012?.  Disgusting.  Sadly, not entirely surprising.  

Honoring those who serve and those who have served.  A goal to which all of us - including me - should aspire not just today, but every day...

...because actions speak louder than words and, presently, the collective silence is deafening.     



Judith Pack said...

I have worked in our County Veterans Affairs Office for 33 years and consider it a privilege to assist our veterans and their survivors every day. We provide assistance with the maze of paperwork required by the VA. I am saddened by the length of time to see a claim through from filing to adjudication. It is the slowest, most frustrating pace I have ever seen. Our veterans deserve so much more.

Adam Kenny said...

Judith, thank you for what you do. I have little doubt that the men and women to whom you provide assistance on a day in/day out basis appreciate your good efforts.