Friday, October 16, 2015

The Truth According to Terrence Mann

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that although I intended to honor the Yankees' one-and-done appearance in this year's MLB playoffs but sulking my way through ignoring the playoffs, I have failed miserably in that effort.

The absence of a rooting interest has not quelled my enthusiasm for playoff baseball at all.  I cannot name five members of either the Royals or the Astros (or the Royals AND the Astros combined) and yet I found their five-game ALDS to be very compelling stuff.  Not as compelling as the Rangers vs the Blue Jays but, in fairness to KC and Houston, that is a testament to just how exciting that series was and not a knock on the Royals and the Astros.

And any time the Chicago Cubs are still playing deep into October, all is indeed right in the baseball world.  Well, almost entirely right.  If the Cubbies are the NL representative in this year's World Series and Wrigley Field hosts a game played entirely in daylight, then baseball bliss shall indeed have been achieved.  Although irrespective of whenever the first pitch is thrown, each game in the NLCS between the Cubs and the Mets should be pretty damn exciting.

If the Mets win, then maybe their skipper Terry Collins will be written of more fondly in his boss Sandy Alderson's next "Why I Am a Baseball Genius" book than he was in Alderson's most recent tome.


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