Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Leaves On The Trees...

To those who know me, it comes as no surprise at all for me to acknowledge myself as something less than the world's most social of social animals.  I am a person of many acquaintances and very few friends.  I am also a man whose favorite leisure pursuits include several (reading, writing, and running) that are single-serve activities.  

Margaret and I purchased our little piece of Paradise by the Sea in May.  We were able to make good use of our digs all summer, spending close to every weekend at the beach.  It was, in a word, terrific.  

October has proven to be even better.  Our little town is calm, mellow, and very quiet as it is now freed from the hustle and bustle of summer.  We are a couple of years, at least, away from being full-time Lake Como residents but this preview that Autumn has provided of what life is like down here "off-season" has only heightened my anticipation for that day's arrival.  

Today is Lake Como Day.  It is the 20th Anmual celebration of this little hamlet.  While I have no idea how many people we shall see at the lake front today, I am looking forward to taking in the entire experience.   Between today's festivities here in town and Octoberfest in Belmar opportunities abound today to be out "under the cover of October skies" and enjoying every minute of it.   


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