Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Final Steps of a Long Walk Home

It was three years ago today that Superstorm Sandy made landfall here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  The havoc that it wrought profoundly affected the lives of too many people for me - with my limited arithmetic skills - to accurately count.  There are still too damn many presently being affected by it.  People such as Chuck Griffin and Doug Quinn.  People who simply want to get home.  

Earlier this week, in Belmar, the borough's last two families who had been displaced from their homes by Sandy finally completed their long walks to their respective homes. While the June, 2015 target date announced by the "Home by Summer" fundraising campaign that the Borough and the Saint Vincent  De Paul Society of Saint Rose in Belmar established in February, 2015 came and went without Teresa Keefe's family returning to its 14th Avenue home and without Krista Sperber's family returning to their 8th Avenue home.  Truth be told, as of Monday, the Sperbers' home was still not ready but, with an attitude befitting a woman who has embodied the mantra of "adapt and overcome" for the past three years, Krista Sperber was unfazed by the prospect of being a week or so away from her official re-entry date.  Then again, being a mother of two school-age children who you have shepherded through six moves in thirty-six months tends to toughen one's resolve while simultaneously removing one's panic button.   

There are still too many families across New Jersey who remain unable to complete their post-Sandy journeys home.  Three years ago, they believed they had an ally in our fleece-wearing Governor.  Now, with him spending more time out-of-state than in as part of his relentless, fruitless pursuit of a job he shall never attain, they cannot shake the feeling that the wool in his favorite garment has been shorn from a source they recognize all too well. 

A long walk home indeed...


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