Sunday, October 4, 2015

Super Gov, Joaquin, and the Magic Fleece

I would like very much to be one of those people who expresses faux outrage over the fact that Joaquin, advertised as the Angry Boyfriend of Sandy, spun its way into being the Hurricane that Was Not for those of us here in the State of Concrete Gardens over the course of these past couple of days.  I simply cannot.  As an initial consideration, the Missus and I have spent a very relaxing week during each of the past two winters relaxing on Grand Bahama Island.  Having seen on television the damage Joaquin brought to the good people who call that part of the world home, I cannot pretend - for even an instant - that we were somehow cheated by Mother Nature. 

Candidly, the very name Joaquin injected my heart with home than a mere modicum of fear.  Other than Phoenix, the only Joaquin with whom I have ever been familiar was Joaquin Andujar.  In the 1980's, Andujar was a very successful pitcher in the Major Leagues, winning a World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1982 and pitching the Cardinals to the National League pennant in 1985.  But Andujar, who died last month at the too-young age of 62, was described in several tributes written about him upon his death as "fiery", which struck me as an understated way of describing a pitcher whose teammates had to physically restrain him from attacking an umpire in Game Seven of the 1985 World Series.  

Joaquin, Hurricane - not Joaquin Andujar - threatened the State of Concrete Gardens long enough to merit our barnstorming Governor spending consecutive nights within our geographical boundaries.  He spent so much time away from New Hampshire during this past week that he has likely ruined any chance he had this year of establishing residency there in time to score an in-state tuition rate for his next college-eligible child.   

Best of all, it answered the question that had been nagging at all of us who live here and have memories of Sandy burned indelibly into our memories.  

The magic fleece still fits...

Governor Christie - Sea Isle City, New Jersey
October 2, 2015

I for one am relieved.  While he has pursued his dream - you know, the one in which he actually garners at least 4% of the vote in any poll of likely Republican voters, we the people of New Jersey have been footing the bill for his security detail and various other travel expenses.  

At least we shall be spared the expense of a whole new action figure wardrobe as well.


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