Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Playing for Keeps

Here's to being grateful that Joe Girardi earns his living as the Manager of the New York Yankees and that I do not.  Whether the Yankees manage to do tonight something that they managed to do just once during the final week of the regular season, which is win a game (and not just any game but the game that they must win in order to continue their season), I do not know.  I know that I shall be rooting for them to win.  I also know that wishing for one's success is not a guarantee that one shall succeed.  

I also know that I shall be rooting very hard for CC Sabathia to succeed.  Whether he shall I know not.  If one believes in the old adage that the first step is admitting that one has a problem that requires assistance, then he has made it through the batting order once without getting nicked for as much as a single hit.

To earn the win, however, he needs to complete five innings.  That means, of course, he has to negotiate his way through at least one more time through the other team's order.  The second go-round is rarely as easy as the first.  Success is dependent upon more than just one's fastball.  It is dependent upon heart, guts, and resiliency.

I hope for his sake and for that of his family that those three qualities, which have served him so well between the white lines of the baseball diamond for more than a decade, do likewise for him now.

For at day's end, irrespective of the level at which one competes, baseball is just a game.

Life is not.


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