Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nowhere Near All, Folks...

Life is not a popularity contest.
And if it is, we're not winning.
-WPK, Sr.

Hilarity is defined as United Nations Day and the birthday of a member of the Kenny Sextet of Siblings occurring on the same day.  Irony is defined as United Nations Day sharing its space on the calendar with the birthday of one of the three male members of the aforementioned Sextet.  Diplomacy has long not been the strong suit among male members of our clan.  It is practiced infrequently and not well, both with the world at large and, on occasion, with one another.  Such is the case with an inherited trait I suppose.  

Today is my older brother Kelly's birthday.  It would please him immensely, I know, if our beloved New York Rangers could turn their jaunt south on the Turnpike into a win and two precious points in the standings when they skate in Philadelphia against the Flyers.  Frankly, it is nowhere near my birthday and it would make me pretty damn happy as well.  

Other than that, I am willing to wager that his list of "wishes" on this day looks quite a lot like yesterday's wish list looked and quite a lot like tomorrow's shall look as well:  Health and happiness for his wife Linda, his three adult offspring (all of whom are too old to be called "children" any longer), his grand kids, and Smoochie...and no one doing or saying anything on the job that requires him to count backwards from one hundred in order to avoid making that person a "permanent" member of the project.  Simple wishes.  

And damn important ones as well.

Especially when made by the birthday boy.  



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