Thursday, October 8, 2015

No More Surprises...

The world constantly surprises me.  Not always for the better.   Neither of those things makes me extraordinary.  

It continues to surprise how little we do in this country to protect ourselves and each other.  It surprises me - constantly - how little respect we have for one another.  Every time something happens such as the latest debauchery in Oregon, the debate rages over guns.  Is it possible that the debate is focused on the wrong element?  

Maybe, just maybe, ours is not a "gun" problem.  At least not just a gun problem.  Maybe, just maybe, ours is a "people" problem as well.  These days we work damn hard at devaluing one another.  So much so that it makes it easy for certain of us to see the rest of us as something less than human.  Something disposable.  

I would not pretend to speak for anyone other than the old grouch who stares back at me in the bathroom mirror every morning but he is fucking sick of the world surprising him.  

Me too.  


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