Monday, October 12, 2015

My Happy Place

Weather has no memory.  Seven short days after people all along the Jersey Shore were trying not to get blown away by a Nor'easter, this weekend featured gorgeous October days back-to-back.  

Saturday morning was the Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh 5K, which began and ended at Bar Anticipation in Lake Como, which event had originally been scheduled for Saturday, October 3.  Happiness is an event that takes place so close to home that I was able to walk to it and home from it.  In fact, it took place so close to home that I was able to run over to Bar A, pre-race, and pick up my bib and assorted race swag, run home to drop off all of the stuff for which I had no pressing need (everything but the bib), and then run back over to Bar A in time for the race.

Margaret did not make it down the beach until late in the afternoon.  I resisted the temptation to spend the day post-race either (a) at Bar A's outside bar enjoying their wonderful Bloody Marys; or (b) napping on the couch.  Instead I spent it enjoying the outdoors while doing some yard work.  There is something about crisp autumnal air that motivates even my lazy ass.  On Saturday night, the Missus and I had quite an excellent time with Denise and Joe Lipman at what was an impromptu get-together for dinner.  Proof that the best things often occur with no advance planning whatsoever - even when you discover that the local pub you intended to dine at has shuttered its doors since you were last there one month ago.  Fare thee well, Connolly Station.  I, for one, shall miss you.  

Yesterday the Missus and I had a great time while doing...well not a great deal of anything at all.  I ran my final double-figure mileage training run in preparation for the New York City Marathon and then we spent the rest of the day just goofing off.  We spent a bit of time at Belmar's Octoberfest and - in the interest of equal time - at Lake Como Day as well.

Without exception, the best money I have ever spent in my life was on the purchase of our home in Lake Como.   

I have found my happy place.  


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Joe Lipmannj said...

Ditto to the impromptu!....It was great