Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Free-for-All!

We have reached the end (for business purposes at least) of 2015's tenth month.  My little brain, over-matched on most days even when operating at what purports to be full capacity - is fried.  In lieu of anything substantive (stop laughing) to be discussed here today, it is a little bit of a "Friday Free-for-All"

I was in and out of the 3rd GOP Presidential Candidates' Debate on Wednesday night but based upon the snippets I watched, I have arrived at the conclusion that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has as little interest in being elected President as we, the people, have in electing him to the office.  Jeez, Governor Bush, I know spending a couple of hours with your peeps under the bright lights in Boulder debating who is meaner, the mainstream media or Donald Trump, is not as exciting to you as being all snuggly under your covers watching "Supergirl" but could you try to at least fake your way through it?  Word of advice to whichever vendor got the gig to produce "JEB '16" bumper stickers, pins, lawn signs, etc.:  Cease production.  His brother George, at this point, has a better shot at winning the White House in 2016 than does Jeb. 

Another interesting little tidbit I picked up from tuning in on Wednesday night:  Senator Marco Rubio's dad was a bartender, his mom was a maid, and they fled Cuba for America and their opportunity at the American dream.  Who knew?  Boy, I am surprised that Marco ("Polo!") does not weave that story into his narrative with more frequency.  Compelling stuff.  And I am not the only member of my family who thinks so.  My daughter, Suzanne, who would have to have a railroad spike driven through her skull (a Phineas Gage reference - on a Friday!) in order for me to be viewed as her intellectual equal also wonders why Senator Rubio does not go to the whip on that story more often.  It cannot be just the two of us who find it moving.  Can it? 

Apparently on Wednesday, not all of the government-issue hot air was polluting the atmosphere at my Alma mater.  At some point shortly before noon, a JLENS Blimp pulled off the usually difficult- to-execute "tether break" and put the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in its rear-view mirror as it began an unsupervised visit to various parts of Pennsylvania.   

I must confess that at first I found the story of the unmanned dirigible cruising on an October afternoon mildly amusing.  I did not realize that in addition to the Russians, the Iranians, the North Koreans, and ISIS, the United States Army has been tasked with the responsibility of keeping this nation safe from attack by Boris, Natasha, and the Fearless Leader.  My chuckle-fest stopped when I came across this investigative piece from the Los Angeles Times.  

For those out there who are fans of the New York Metropolitans baseball club, work hard to suppress stepping on the panic button until after tonight's third World Series game.  I understand that the goal was not to come home from Kansas City down 2-0.  It bears remembering Pat Riley's mantra that a team is not in trouble in a series until it loses at home.  Thus far, all the Royals have done is hold serve.  Will the Mets bounce back, win tonight, and go on to capture their first championship in three decades?  I have no idea.  I do know that the World Series is a Best-of-Seven affair and as that great American philosopher, Lawrence Peter Berra, instructed us all, "It ain't over 'til it's over."  After two games, it ain't over.  

However, we are.  


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