Friday, October 2, 2015

Four Simple Words

Four simple words by which to live.  Unfortunately, among our elected representatives in the Congress is this collection of fucking frauds who cannot muster even the bare modicum of decency necessary to not violate this rule: 

  • Senator Mike Rounds (South Dakota) 
  • Senator Bob Corker (Tennessee)
  • Senator John Cornyn (Texas) 
  • Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) 
  • Senator Orrin Hatch (Utah) 
  • Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin)
  • Senator John Barrasso (Wyoming)
  • Senator Mike Enzi (Wyoming)
  • Senator Dean Heller (Nevada) 
  • Senator John Hoeven (North Dakota)
  • Senator Thom Tillis (North Carolina)
  • Senator Richard Burr (North Carolina) 
  • Senator Roger Wicker (Mississippi) 
  • Senator John McCain (Arizona) 
  • Senator Pat Roberts (Kansas) 
  • Senator John Boozman (Arkansas) 
  • Senator Richard Shelby (Alabama)
  • Senator Jeff Sessions (Alabama) 
  • Senator Cory Gardner (Colorado)
  • Senator Dan Sullivan (Alaska) 

All of these gentlemen share two common attributes.  Each of them is a Republican.  Each of them, also, is an elected official whose official Twitter account and/or official Facebook account contained an appropriately patriotic "Never Forget" on September 11, 2015.

Oh wait - each of them shares one more common characteristic:  He did not vote to re-authorize the Zadroga Act, which expired at midnight on September 30, 2015.  

Doing the right thing is neither a Democrat thing nor a Republican thing.  It is supposed to be an American thing.  One needs to look no further than the Congressional delegation from New York (including the Empire State's junior Senator, who has more balls and guts than her twenty male colleagues listed above do in the aggregate) and the Congressional delegation from New Jersey (ALL of our Representatives and Senators are co-sponsors of the Act) to see the elevation of propriety over politics.   

On September 11, 2016, in lieu of a vacuous, fraudulent declaration on their social media accounts praising the Heroes of September 11, 2001 and praying for those whose lives were lost that day, each member of Congress who voted to not re-authorize the Zadroga Act - including the twenty members of the Senate listed above - should have to stand face-to-face with someone whose sacrifice in the fall of 2001 is now killing him or her and tell that person (such as Nick Poliseno) two things.  First, the bullshit words of praise he or she has posted on social media regarding "Never Forgetting".  Then, and only then, his or her "No" vote on the Zadroga Act.  

Do not hold your breath waiting for any of these goddamn phonies to do so.  For that is an act that would require decency, a commodity that none of them appears to possess.  

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Judith Pack said...

The shameful hypocrisy exhibited by these low-life politicians is unbelievable. On the other hand, I am proud of our representatives from the Empire State for standing tall, putting party lines aside, and doing the right thing. Health care for those at Ground Zero, the survivors, the searchers and the rescuers, is the least our Country can do. We owe that to them now and as long as they need it.