Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Doc Brown, Marty McFly & Jimmy Fab...

Other than Marty McFly, the only other person I know who has ever owned and/or driven a DeLorean is my high school friend, wrestling teammate, and fellow member of the Class of  '85 Jim Fabricatore.  

I had a very non-specific recollection of Jim's picture in our Senior Yearbook including his DeLorean.  There was a real likelihood that I was wrong in that recollection.  I did not believe that I actually possessed a copy of my Senior Yearbook as I had no recollection of actually possessing one, neither now nor ever.  I had not seen one in quite some time - damn close to thirty years. Last night, however, as I was looking in the basement for something that I want to send to Rob, I came across a box that my wife (Middlesex's answer to Indiana Jones in the realm of artifact preservation) has had stored in a back corner - for some time apparently.  A copy of my Senior Yearbook, among other real treasures (giving that term its broadest possible definition), was inside.

Jim and his car did, in fact, look damn cool. It occurred to me, while looking at his Senior Photo, that I have not seen Jim in person in thirty years although we interact on a regular basis through the monster known as social media.  I presume the DeLorean is a vehicle he no longer possesses. However, for all I know, he might in fact still have it - if not to use as an everyday vehicle, then perhaps to keep as a collector's item or - given its stainless steel construction - as a source of extra cutlery around the holidays.  

Today is October 21, 2015.  In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that until I read it on-line a couple of days ago, I did not know that today is "the day" to which Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel in Back to the Future II.  That omission from my knowledge of all things (he says with his tongue planted firmly inside of his cheek) is due in large part to the fact that while the first of three films in this particular trilogy is one that I enjoyed a great deal (in no small part due to the fact that I am a longstanding fan of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd and the film's basic premise was a fresh one), I did not enjoy BTTF II nearly as much as the first film.  I have never even watched the third film in the series, in which the two men traveled back in time to the Old West.  

Perhaps were I a Cubs fan, BTTF II would hold a spot much nearer and dearer to my heart. I am not. Therefore, it does not.  Besides, I am not convinced that any amount of wishful thinking contained within a movie screenplay will be enough to overcome Murphy's Law, whether the Murphy laying it down is a sweet-swinging second baseman or a billy goat.   

Try using that as fuel for the flux capacitor...

...and, while you are trying to do something that may prove to be impossible, try avoiding the fact that if the Mets have their way, October 21, 2015 shall indeed be a date of significance in the history of the Chicago Cubs.

It shall be the date upon which their 2015 season ended.


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