Monday, October 5, 2015

Blowin' in the Wind

There are few places I enjoy as much as the Shore in the off-season.  This weekend was very interesting, weather-wise.  An unnamed Nor'easter spent Friday and Saturday making a name for itself in the State of Concrete Gardens.  It brought rain and wind with it.  Lots of both to boot.  

In our neck of the woods, the wind was far more of a "thing" than was the rain.   It made for one extraordinarily entertaining run on Saturday afternoon.  I headed north up Ocean Avenue to the Shark River Inlet.  From our driveway to the bridge that connects Belmar to Avon is a 1.4 mile jaunt.  On Saturday afternoon it was close to the hardest 1.4 miles I have ever run.  

The wind blowing out of the northeast was blowing consistently at 30+ miles per hour.  It came at me with sufficient vigor that as I ran into it, it damn near stood me up straight on at least three occasions. It was a hard run.  

But it was a fantastic run.  I was out and about enjoying my surroundings and was doing so in the company of others - out in the elements doing exactly what I was doing, which was enjoying the hell out of ourselves.  

And the run home with a 30 mile tail wind was not half bad either.  


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