Monday, September 7, 2015

Those for Whom We Run

September 11, 2001 was a Tuesday.  This year that terrible date falls on a Friday.   As I write these words I do not know whether work obligations shall permit me to be in Belmar by six pm on Friday night. I hope that they shall.  For at that time a group of runners shall gather as they do every year on the 11th of September.  And they shall run.  

They shall run to honor the lives and the memories of their neighbors who were killed that day.  The group runs in silence from Belmar, south into Spring Lake, and to the September 11 Memorial in Spring Lake.

Spring Lake September 11 Memorial

The Memorial is a beautiful tribute to the nine Spring Lake residents who died that terrible Tuesday morning fourteen Septembers ago, including two who were passengers on United Flight 93 and seven who were killed at the World Trade Center.

Spring Lake September 11 Memorial 

Whether I am able to participate or not this wonderful, simple tribute shall take place.  Because love don't stop.  Not in fourteen years.  Not ever.

Spring Lake September 11 Memorial


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