Thursday, September 3, 2015

SoHo's Best Apostol

Faustino Apostol, Jr., spent the final twenty-three-plus years of his life serving and protecting the people of New York City as a member of the FDNY.  He joined the department on January 25, 1978.  He spent part of his career with Engine 55 in Little Italy.  In September 2001, he was the Chief Aide in Battalion 2.  

On the final morning of his life, he was one of the first members of the Department on scene, working that day as he was with Engine 24/Ladder 5 in SoHo.  Once he arrived and took in what was happening around him, he called his high school sweetheart Kathleen to tell her where he was, the situation was under control and that he was OK.  

She answered the phone at the home that the two of them - married for thirty-three years - shared in Annadale on Staten Island.  Whether or she believed him - that all was OK - she let him say it.  And then they hung up.  She had prayers to say.  He had a fire to fight.  

Faustino Apostol, Jr. was fifty-five years of age when he was killed in the line of duty on September 11, 2001.  He served his city for close to a quarter-century as a member of the FDNY.  Prior to joining the Department, he served his nation for four years as a member of the United States Navy.  In addition to Kathleen, his life's great love, he was survived by his sons Justin and Christopher, his daughters-in-law Deborah and Jennifer, and his grandsons, Riley Thomas and Michael Thomas.  

Faustino Apostol, Jr.
FDNY - Battalion 2


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