Friday, September 18, 2015

Days Like These

An interruption, today, to the regularly scheduled programming. 

Previously, in this space, I have commented upon the fact that one of the my favorite things about the whole "social media" thing is that it has permitted me to reconnect with one of the best people I know.  Dave Lackland and I became friends a lifetime ago when we were kids.  Life, as it tends to do, took us different directions and we lost contact with one another.  Through the good works of Mr. Zuckerberg's Miracle we reestablished contact several years ago.  It is an occurrence at whose mere mention I smile.  

Terrible news descended upon David a couple of days ago.  His dad, an extraordinary man who had been battling hard against some very bad health for quite some time, finally lost that battle. Irrespective of our age, the path we travel, the impression we make upon the world, and the impression that it, in return, makes upon us, we end our days as we begin them.  We are our fathers' sons.  

The loss of a loved one is a brutal experience to be forced to endure.  At one point or another, it is an experience that each of us shall endure firsthand and, in all likelihood, on more than just one occasion.  We endure it even when we feel less than 100% committed to the effort.  We work our way through it because we must do so.  We make our way through it because Life is meant to be lived.

Even on a day when it really, really hurts...


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