Saturday, August 8, 2015

RINOs, Elephants, and Rosie O'Donnell

This summer has been so little fun at work thus far that if I did not have the ocean to calm me at week's end, by this point I would be awaiting my bail hearing.  No chance that those who occupy the world around me would have remained "punch in the throat"-free by this point in August.  None.  

A couple of observations from this New Jersey Republican (although the more I hear the candidates of "my party" speak the more I wonder if I am a RINO as opposed to an elephant) regarding Thursday night's happenings in Cleveland.  First, it takes three Fox News hosts to moderate a debate?  Really?  I do not watch Fox News - or cable news for that matter - so forgive my lack of familiarity with the bona fides (presumed at least) of the trio.  I could not shake the feeling that I was watching the Ken, Barbie, and Chris Wallace Show.  Judging from the amount of enmity they directed collectively at Trump, I presume that Reince Priebus is as terrified of Trump's continuing presence in the race as he is relieved that Jon Stewart shall not be around to comment on it.   Oh, and speaking of "The Donald", if you have not yet started reading Berkeley Breathed's triumphant "Bloom County 2015" start doing so.  

Thank you Wisconsin for the gift of Scott Walker.  I was born too late to have experienced all the fun and excitement  that Wisconsin's junior Senator, Joe McCarthy, brought to bear on the people of these United States.  I appreciate you sharing Walker with the rest of us so we can get a good look at what crazy looks like in the Cheesehead State.  I initially was confused how Wisconsin could produce Scott Walker and Vince Lombardi.  And then I remembered, Lombardi was born in Brooklyn.  

All in all, a rather entertaining evening of television.  I actually came away from the debate determined to learn more about Dr. Ben Carson and about Ohio Governor John Kasich, the latter of whom struck me as slightly crazy - but in that " Hey, don't stick your tongue on that metal pole, it's February!" sort of way.  A little off but benign. 

Walker, by comparison, gives off a "Martin Sheen in the Dead Zone" type of crazy vibe.  When he pantomimed tying a yellow ribbon around a tree I almost vomited in my own mouth.  If he wins the GOP nomination, I am writing in my own name in November 2016.  There are any number of positions for which I would not vote for him.  

For present purposes, I will limit myself to the one office he currently covets.      


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