Friday, August 28, 2015

Out of the Darkness

It has been an extraordinarily hectic week at work - and the forecast for next week (and at this point most of September) is not much better.  I was very happy, therefore, to have received a little pick-me-up yesterday afternoon from the great people at the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. I am not so vain as to think that the message I received was intended for my eyes only.  Point in fact, I know that it was not.    

Yesterday's communication was an e-mail blast to remind those of us who are registered to run in this year's event and/or have participated in this event in past years that the 2015 Tunnel to Towers 5K Run/Walk is now just one month away.  Sunday, September 27 shall be here before we know it.  It is - at the risk of putting forth an egregious understatement - an event that represents the most extraordinary example of a family turning a horrible, life-altering loss into an uplifting, life-enriching experience.  

I am neither a spiritual man nor a man who - whenever I arrive at the End of Days - will be permitted to use the "Up" escalator.  To parse a phrase from the great John Hiatt, "It gets hot down where I'm goin'" Yet on September's final Sunday every year since 2010 (the first year in which I participated in it) I have received, courtesy of the Siller Family and their incalculable generosity, the gift of participating in a day that is nothing less than extraordinary.  A day where the words "Never Forget" are not merely spoken but are lived and breathed.  

If your travels in late September afford you the opportunity to be in the New York City area on the month's final Sunday, then do yourself the great service of spending a bit of time that day in the company of these extraordinary ladies and gentlemen.  Whether you run, you walk, or you simply amble your way through Lower Manhattan in order to bear witness to it, you shall be glad you did.  


2010 T2T Run 
Sand Sculpture

2011 T2T Run 
Best Vanity Plate Ever

2012 T2T Run 
In Memory of Antoinette Duger

2013 T2T Run
FDNY on Manhattan side of BBT

2014 T2T Weekend 
National September 11 Memorial
FF John Michael Collins - FDNY Ladder Co. 25
Immaculata High School Class of '76

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