Sunday, August 30, 2015

No Small Thing

I came across something really neat on Facebook on Friday, courtesy of my cousin Patty Kelly-Decianni.  I do not know Bob Small, the man who posted it.  However, he is someone who was in the World Trade Center on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, and lived to tell the tale.  According to the 9/11 Tribute Center "Surviving 9/11" exhibit just how he did so is nothing less than miraculous - since he was standing at  a copying machine down the hall from his 72nd floor office at Morgan Stanley in the South Tower when the building was struck.  

We are now less than two weeks away from the 14th anniversary of that terrible day.  Sharing his request here seemed to me to be an eminently worthwhile thing to do...

As most of you (my Facebook friends) know, I am a survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. As the 14th anniversary approaches, I’m still looking for two people that I and my pal James helped that day.
While descending the stairs, James and I came across two women. One was four months pregnant. We were probably somewhere 60th to 65th floor range. Long story short, we helped them down. We carried their bags. We gave them water. We kept them cool. We even stopped to rest on more than one occasion. We said our good-byes when we reached the lobby and they were ushered away by EMTs.
As they thanked us for our help, I remember telling the pregnant woman that if she were to have a boy that she should name him Robert.
Later in the day, while trekking through Brooklyn, James and I were waiting on line to use a payphone to call our families in New Jersey. We overheard a man using the phone ask whoever he was talking to how he was going to get to East Brunswick in New Jersey. When he got off the phone I told him I was heading to Old Bridge… a neighboring town of East Brunswick. I asked that he join us and that we’d get him home. Another long story short… my plans to get home flopped and amazingly this guy we met from East Brunswick was able to locate friends in Brooklyn and they took me home.
If you would, please share this message with all of your friends on Facebook… hopefully someone knows someone who has told a similar story. I’m just hoping that there is some kid named Robert out there who in 13 ½ years old and I’d like to shake the hands and thank the three men responsible for getting me home.
Thanks… be cool if this works.

Mr. Small is a master of understatement.  And he is right.  It would be cool.  Damn cool in fact.

For today only, I make this request:  After you read today's silliness - and Bob Small's request - share it.  Maybe, just maybe, he can connect with the people for whom he has been looking and about whom he has been thinking for the past fourteen years.

Whether it happens for him today or not, one thing is for certain.

He shall not lose hope.

His bona fides in that area are already firmly established.    


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