Thursday, August 6, 2015

Must See TV

Democracy is the Theory that the common people know what they want 
And deserve to get It good and hard.
- H.L. Mencken

I do not know enough about the scheduling of tonight's Republican Presidential Debate to know whether its airing on Fox News on the same night as Jon Stewart's final bow on "The Daily Show" was by deliberate design or simply a happy accident.  I reckon that Roger Ailes is not terribly disappointed that Stewart will not be on-air tomorrow night to offer his perspective on tonight's happenings in Cleveland.  Stewart had, of course, already bid Ailes and his crew farewell during Monday night's broadcast.  

I also do not know how Cleveland drew short straw to host this gathering.  Have the good people of this Ohio city not suffered enough?  The Indians have not won a World Series in a gazillion years, the Browns have snatched defeat out of victory's mouth with a frequency unmatched by any other NFL franchise in the past half-century ("Paging Brian Sipe and Earnest Byner to the White Courtesy Phone"), and even when the Cavaliers stopped tripping over their own junk long enough to bring LeBron James home to Cleveland, they surrounded him with teammates who would be hard-pressed to win  the Rucker Park Summer League Title, let alone the NBA Championship.  

Our state's pseudo-Governor made the field of ten for tonight's festivities.  Inasmuch as Ohio Governor John Kasich also made the field (Christie and Kasich qualified ninth and tenth out of ten, respectively), one might think that our Guv might complain that Kasich has the "Home Guv Advantage".  That is right up until one watches the video of Christie's last walk among the home folks here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  No, the sound you hear is not the crowd at Monmouth Park this past Sunday evening saluting our part-time Governor by serenading him with the name of his favorite rock star.  

I for one am sorry that Rick Santorum is not among the ten participants in tonight's debate.  Santorum is, for my money, as scary a mother fucker as any major party has ever attempted to foist upon this nation as a candidate for national office. He will be left I suppose to spend this evening debating the voices inside of his own head.  Thankfully, in his absence the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party shall be well-represented by Mike Huckabee, whose presence - if it serves no other purpose - serves to remind white Americans who revel in bashing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that not every fraud who calls himself "Reverend" does so in order to exploit the African-American community.  

I just wish that it was not too late to coax just one more "Daily Show" out of Jon Stewart.  For if you have any doubt as to the importance of the role Stewart plays in American politics, Fox News is bringing ten good reasons why he shall be missed into your living room tonight, live and in color. 

On the subject of color, do not attempt to adjust your set.  That is indeed the actual color (or the present color at least) of Donald Trump's hair



Judith Pack said...

The new pumpkin orange color of Mr. Trump's hair is interesting. I'm wondering just how many minutes in to this circus, excuse me, debate before the Donald calls someone a loser. Thank you for making note of several of the lunatic fringe to be on the stage tonight. Many of them present ideas and beliefs that should make Americans ashamed, yet they still gather their flocks. Jon Stewart's take on tonights event, and others to come, will truly be missed.

Adam Kenny said...

Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts. As someone who has been a fan of H.L. Mencken the entirety of my life, I find myself wishing that he was less correct than he often turns out to be.