Monday, August 24, 2015

Apples and Trees

Well now the years have gone 
And I've grown from that seed you've sown.
I didn't think there'd be so many steps
I'd have to learn on my own.
-"Walk Like A Man"
Bruce Springsteen 

FF Christopher J. Blackwell spent close to twenty years as a member of the FDNY's legendary Rescue 3 in the South Bronx.  His area of expertise was collapsed buildings.  He traveled around the United States lecturing other firefighters on what to do when dealing with such a situation. 

At age 42, FF Blackwell was a husband to Jane and a father to Alexandra, Ryan, and Samantha.  The three Blackwell children were fifteen, thirteen, and eleven at the time of his death on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  

Jane Blackwell is an extraordinary woman.  Although grieving the death of her husband, she refused to allow her life or the day-to-day of her three children to become an endless mourning period.  Instead, she insisted that her children resume their regular routine - including sports and other extra-curricular activities.  

Apples and trees.  Apples and trees.

FF Christopher J. Blackwell
FDNY - Rescue 3


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