Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wee Small Hours and White Noise

It will likely not come as a surprise to anyone who frequents this space and who actually knows me that my favorite part of any day is the early morning.  I excel removed from the company of others.  And in close to a half-century of tenancy here on the Big Blue Marble, every indication is that the feeling is mutual.  

I particularly enjoy the early morning at the beach.  Our home is not close enough to the ocean that I can see it.  It is however close enough to allow me to hear the beautiful sound associated with waves reaching the shore.  It is among my favorite sounds. It is one unspoiled by the white noise of human beings.  

And punctuated by the occasional bark.  But only if Rosie feels sufficiently motivated.   If you know my Rosie then you know how infrequently that occurs.  



Judith Pack said...

Nothing better than a cup of coffee and the early morning quiet. As a Civil Servant from the great State of NY for 33 yrs., I deal with the public everyday, and need this quiet time to get me through the day. I have passed this gene on to my daughter, who also relishes the quiet hours of the morning on her front porch, with no noise from her only neighbor - the cemetery- and an occasional cow mooing. Funny thing, I also find some of the best time to contemplate life is on the seat of my John Deere. The hum of the engine allows me to do my deepest thinking (strange, huh?) and lately, with 6 shootings in 5 days in our community, I've had alot to try and understand. At least these small upstate thugs are bad shots and only one injury. Enjoy your blog, as always.

Adam Kenny said...

Thanks for reading and thanks for contributing your own thoughts. Much obliged.