Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The System of Touch and Gentle Persuasion

- Tears for Fears

For everyone who lives here in the State of Concrete Gardens who spent February cursing the cold and praying for the advent of Jersey summer weather, congratulations on the favorable response to your prayer.  All across the state that I call home this week, there are but two temperature settings on every bank and backyard thermometer...and for all intents and purposes there is actually just one.    

If one lives his or her life as I do, which is to say that I am fortunate enough to live in a home that is air-conditioned, work in an office that is air-conditioned, and commute between one and the other in a vehicle that is air-conditioned, then extreme heat such as that which we shall endure in these parts the next few days is an inconvenience and nothing more.  

For those among our number who are not as fortunate - especially the men and women who earn a living working outside, which they shall do today just as they do on a sixty-degree day and just as they do on a zero-degree day, it is something far more than that.  Their need to earn a living and their desire for self-preservation might well find themselves at loggerheads today and for the remainder of this week.  May they ensure that they honor the command of the late, great Sgt. Phil Esterhaus.  

It shall serve all of us well to do something that we do not do especially well here in New Jersey - with the exception of the great folks of Robbinsville (read this story and try not to feel good about your fellow humans - at least those who are mentioned in it) - which is take life a half-step or two slower these next couple of days and pay a half-beat or so more worth of attention to those around us who usually escape our gaze, including the very young and the very old.   

This spate of extremely hot weather shall be over before we know it and, as sure as the winter that shall be upon us in less than six months from now, sooner rather than later we can resume bitching about the bitter cold weather.  Until it cools a little bit, we simply have to manufacture our own.  We shall get through this in one piece.  All we have to do is try.  


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