Friday, July 17, 2015

The Sound of Footsteps

I have been having a bit of a shit week at work.  It is a circumstance that I have in part helped to create so I am well-advised to cease my pity party long enough to pull my big boy pants all of the way up.  No one wants to be exposed to this particular ass crack.  I assure you.  

Whenever I feel especially self-involved, it is useful for me to remember how people deal with an actual, real problem.  It tends to bring a fairly hasty cessation of hostilities as it were to whatever douchebaggery in which I am then and there involved.  And it especially does the trick when the people who are the ones doing the reminding are the great folks from the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.  

I wish that the reason for the Tunnel to Towers 5K in New York City did not exist.  But it does.  I know without a moment's hesitation that each member of the Siller family wishes with all of his or her heart that the reason for this event and for their Foundation did not exist.  But it does.  And because it does, and because of their commitment to not only honor the lives of those who were murdered that day but to provide for those whose sacrifice is almost incalculable, the Foundation's undertaking is remarkable, its mission incredible.  

Margaret and I shall participate in the NYC Tunnel to Towers Run on Sunday, September 27, 2015. This shall be our sixth such pilgrimage, accompanied as we always are by Gidg and by Jeff.  While we registered months ago, I took my receipt of an e-mail earlier this week regarding registration for the race as a sign that I should use both hands to forcibly remove my head from my own ass and, instead use them to help point those who perhaps have not yet taken part in this great event in its direction. 

It is a 5K race the principal focus of which is not the destination, but rather the journey.  It is a journey comprised of countless thousands of footsteps...

2010 T2T Sand Sculpture 

2011 T2T Sand Sculpture

2011 T2T:  FDNY Receiving Line
View upon entering Manhattan from BBT

2012 T2T Sand Sculpture 

2013 T2T:  Sunrise over the Brooklyn Bridge

2013 T2T Sand Sculpture

2013 T2T:  FDNY Receiving Line
Manhattan as you emerge from BBT

2014 T2T Sand Sculpture

2014 09/11 Memorial: 
FDNY John Michael Collins Ladder 25 / IHS Class of '76

2014 T2T:  FDNY Receiving Line
Manhattan as you emerge from BBT

2014 T2T:  Starting Area
Red Hook, Brooklyn

2014 T2T:  
National September 11 Memorial and Museum

2014 T2T:  
"New" World Trade Center

...each one of which is both breathtaking and heartbreaking.  And absolutely worth taking.  



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