Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Price is Wrong

We live in a world in which the most vulnerable of people
end up taking the brunt of disasters, resulting both from
natural processes and from human beings. 
- Kai Erikson

Those of us who live in the State of Concrete Gardens have been reminded again that irrespective of the Mercury readings, Mother Nature is not the most fearsome force on the planet.  Nope.  Not even close. 

William Price of Linwood, New Jersey pleaded guilty in court this past Friday to defrauding an elderly couple out of $125,000.  Price's plea was to 2nd Degree Theft by Deception.  He shall serve five years in state prison and be required to reimburse the couple.  Curious as to how Price, 57, made the acquaintance of the innocents who he swindled out of their hard-earned money?  He met them, in 2006,  while he was doing his job a caseworker for Atlantic County's Adult Protective Services.  The classic case of hiring the wolf to watch the door at the hen house.    

Price was part of a conspiracy headed up by, of course...an attorney!  Barbara Lieberman, whose area of specialty was Elder Law (No,  I am not making any of this up), had previously pleaded guilty herself to operating a ring that stole $2.7 Million from twelve elderly clients.  Thank you very much Ms. Lieberman for playing your part in giving the rest of us who are not thieving bastards a bad name.  I for one was concerned that the world might actually run out of material upon which to base lawyer jokes.   

Ms. Lieberman shall henceforth be required to confine her practice to the jurisdictional limits of Cell Block B.  In March 2015 she pleaded guilty money laundering, which netted her a 10-year prison term, including a 3 1/2 year parole dis-qualifier, the loss of her law license, and the forfeiture of $3 Million.  Presumably the government made sure that the money she forfeited had actually been hers to begin with and was not simply ill-gotten gains.  

Those among us who target the weak are particularly despicable.  It is impossible for me to look at the mug shot of the esteemed Mr. Price without wanting to punch that smarmy fuck's teeth down his throat.  Hopefully where he will be spending the next few years, there shall be no shortage of people willing to perform that task. 


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