Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Only Way To Get There Is To Take That Step

You either are a runner or someone with seriously unresolved mental health issues - presuming that those two things are mutually exclusive (a point Margaret is prepared to argue quite vociferously I assure you) - when the calendar transitions from June to July and your thought turns not to the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend but, instead, to the fact that it is now time to begin training for the 2015 New York City Marathon.  

Today is 07/01/15.  On Sunday, 11/01/15 I shall resist the temptation to hurl myself off of the Verrazano Bridge in response to the sound of the starting horn and instead move forward off of the bridge for a 26.2 mile trek through New York City.   I kid, of course, although I do so only to have a bit of fun at my own expense as a marathoner and not because even someone as obtuse as I am thinks that someone hurling himself off of a bridge - or taking his own life by any means - is a laughing matter.   Believe me, I do not.  In the course of close to a half-century of life thus far, I have known too many families comprised of really, really good people that have suffered the loss of a loved one - also a really, really good person - by suicide.  

All poor attempts at self-deprecating humor aside, I am very much looking forward to November's first Sunday although there is more than a little part of me that finds the prospect of participating in this marathon to be significantly more terrifying than any other one in which I have run previously.  I am both eager and anxious to be a part of it.  If only the course map was to scale.  I have every confidence that if it was, then I could complete it in less than one day's time.  

I have been on cruise control - in terms of running - in the two months that have passed since the 2015 New Jersey Marathon.  July's entry onto the stage signals the end of my vacation.  As the song says, "It all begins anew once more.  It all begins anew."

Indeed it does.  So shall I. 


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