Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Master Motivator

The will to win means nothing 
without the will to prepare.
- Juma Ikangaa, Winner,
1989 NYC Marathon 

Week One of New York City Marathon training is underway.  I was going to write "well underway" but that suggests a qualitative level that has not been reached and - if history is any guide - likely will not be reached.  My motivation for preparing as well as I can for New York City is fear.  Fear of being left on the Manhattan side of the Hudson River at race's end.  

In April, Margaret tried to energize our friends who were with her at the finish line of the New Jersey Marathon to leave a sign that said, "We Were Here.  You Were Late.  We Left." when it took me longer than I had anticipated that it would to finish.  While making it home from Long Branch would have proven difficult, it would not have been impossible.  A trip across the river to the Jersey side on a cold November afternoon, with ability to carry cab fare minimized by my running attire damn well might be.  

An eventuality that I must, at all costs, be certain to avoid.   


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